Tuesday, September 19, 2006


This few month i feel very bored and suck.. very very.... tired mentally n physically... dono why.. just want to stop everythings tat is going on in me so tat i can rest more.... haiz~

although still got 40 days tat exam final is coming around... but i really hope tat i can get good result so tat i can easily get into the local university... really... hope..

God... please help me.. please give me the cleverness to answer the question so tat i can get higher markhs... erm.. just like tat la... hopefully can.. thanks a lot....

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Today is Wat day i also forgot liao... after joining Ns camp, i was already forgot how to count the day liao... hahahaha.... Hmmm.. i wannna share here my experience...

First, 31/12/2005
That day my house got a dinner for celebrate new moving home.. That day i very rush on time and very sad.
I know the time shown is 6 o clock and i sms my school frens, ask whether they got come o not? then they reply me very surprisingly... They said maybe don come... Haiz~ really disappointed la.. but nvm lo... later got very few ppl come only... -_-` Last day also dowan meet me? my relationship begitu cha meh?? Okla, Next is my church member, Dono why they seems like very very muka hitam, maybe sumthing has happened? i oso dono, and i dowan to know la... i mention some of them.... oklo... That time i tell myself i will not be longer here, so whatever la~ Hmm... suddenly my frens told me have to go to body check up first before going to NS.. but i din go for body check, so i call my mom to arrange somebody to do that... haiz~ finally DONE!!! Then i call pui yeen lo.. she said got sumthing wanna tell me.. so call la.. That time is about 12.00a.m. already, but she haven sleep... then mah chat lo.. haha.. until 1:00> , forget liao la... then go kemas my things.. i haven kemas de.. then do liao until 3:00 o clock, i went to sleep...

Second, 1/1/2006
That day morning, 8:00a.m, i already wake up and prepared to go to bus stop liao... Huh~ sumthing forget to bring, then turn back to take, my mom scold me ... haiz ~ everytime de la.. then i told her not to worry liao, next time wait till 2 n the half month baru scold me la...!!! hahahahhaah.. ok, then go bus stop, saw many ppl at there, some of them crying and peluk here and there, and carrying big big bag and baldi... hahahaha.. me carring a boxes of mineral water... cause scare no water to drink... but i am not afford to carry such a heavy things, so i called my mom to drop some for me is enuf.... hahahaha... okla... is time to go liao, then i said bye to mum n dad n grandmom, then i went into to the bus. Seeking a place and sit down. Then a indian guy sit beside me.. i was so scare and dono how to have conversation with him... His name is Surenthern... But i was not memorize his name.. his name i memorize when in the camp.. hahaha.. Then got journalism interview me, is china press magazine.. she ask me some question.. then after that bus is going to moving, she only get down.. I saw a fren.. Nan Hwa's fren... Is Ng Jin Yew.. I know him before but not join him only... hahhaa.. and i saw a fren , acs fren also same camp wif me.. her name is Pang Ai Teng... then after FIVE hour journey only arrived the camp. The camp names KEM TEGAS MESRA.. It was damn hot and was very terpencil... The camp was surrounding by the gunung.. all mobile phone can't use... I arrive there alone and sit alone for waiting the soldier to spot check our bag... My handphone, charger and my medicine of pimples also dirampas by the soledier there.. at there, i met a Chinese frens, yap choo jien. He is from Ayer Tawar.. Cause of the Language, we known each other well.. Then wif suddenly, a heavy rain drop... very very very damn big de rain... Then we all go to logistic ther to register our name and get the number for our dorm.. I got dorm 4, Jien got dorm 8 and yew got dorm 5.. Me and yew's dorm very near, so our relationship is better.. hahaha...Then i went to my dorm and put my thing down and rush into the tiolet to take a bath.. but no water.. after went out of the bath room... i met a person, his name is Tzer.i thought he is older than me... hahaha.. he is from Ipoh de.. actually he queit nice but he really CHUAN... if u dono him very well... hahahaha... i oso got no actjective to describe his personality... but in my dorm.. our relationship is better than other.... maybe we sleep very near gua...
that night, cant fallen asleep cause miss home, very very charm la..

Third, 2/1/2006 until 10/3/2006
This period time i got went back two times... 1 for haji and 1 for chinese new year. Beginning there, i fall sick.. And i have 2 days excuse for activity.. that time very suffer cause really nothing to do and the whether there damn hot... at there after a week, only know all chinese geng in my dorm.. Second person i know is Ping. If u dono him well, u will feel that he very chuan n cool, but after knowing him, he really act like sex maniac... always 'bok mom' me... always tough me and said sumthin very 'A' de.. haha.. He is also Christian. He has a bad breath and got a big big stomach... Next is Hui Jin, this fellow is quiet like a ladies, cause he bring all the equipment that need o no need.. and his family also seems like very wealthy.. cause every time treat us eat McDonald n PizzaHut... Hahaha.. He is talkative but u cant make him angry, if not u will surely being BOOM by him.. hahhaah.. same as me.. Next is Leong, he is svery short person and talkactive too... His conversation will hurt ppl... at NS camp, the first person i been hurt is because of him.. He really say something will hurt ppl de.. but he also very frenly... Then the last person i known in my dorm is Shyang, he is very tall and very lansi... he also talk sumthing very hurt de.. and he also will do sumthin very dislike by normal person.. one word--> QIAN DA... STill got many many ppl that i cant mention here, but i was already write in my diary and set into my mind.. you all will be in my memory forever..

Fourth, 11/3/2006
The last day at camp very rush time one.. cause all the bus suddenly rush into our camp and we have to run in time lo.. we just say goodbye to each other and pisah liao.... but at bus.. i saw JIn was crying.. and my tears was drop tooo... very tough on that time... hahahahhahah.. finally .. arrive home liao lo... the end of the story..

Hahaha.. now onli got time to post.... then 13/3/2006, i got my result...
Bahasa Malaysia -A2
Bahasa Inggeris -A1
Bahasa Cina -B3
Sejarah -A1
Matematik -A1
Add Math -A1
Bio -A2
Chemistry -A1
Physic -A1
P.Moral -B3
P.Seni -A1

But i quiet satisfy my result cause i reall y try my best already... hahahahahahhahahahah

I will keep my hard work lo.... Thank God cause supporting me, and my faminly... Thank You!!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Hahaha…… Happy New Year~ hehe…. Wanna said sumthing here,,, long time no write blog liao…. Wanna share something…. Caroling, Christmas, Camp… dono ler… All Damn Sad story…..

Caroling, for me…. Is very enjoying, because can sing loudly… aha… really, indeed…
But seems like every 1 not very happy for it, so, I also become no heart…

Christmas, geng si…. Cause I feel very sad la… I had not involving myself in everything, decoration, dance… I oso dono la… very sad jiu shi la…. Hard explain…

Camp, damn damn shuai, cause I mong cha cha…. Dono wanna do wut… the true expression also very make me very sad… Zayne angry me.. ya, from the beginning… I knew it! Haiz~ sad sad sad sad sad sad sad….

Wanna go ns liao… my feeling not very good.. scaring, frightening…. Haha… waana continue blog next time… so, take care la…