Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's a Christmas Time!!!!

It's a christmas time!!! yeah... Jingle Bell.. Wow... so happy.... But must finish exam first!!! yeah!!! looking forward!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

So Suai~

Dono why i so suai... ok.. let me tell my story....

First thing first... Kelantan having a big rain at 1.12.08.

ok.... fine.... flood in our house!!!! imagine...!!!

i didnt experience flood~ but in Kelantan... i know how sucks it feel...
mE at outside, take photo outside my house... see the water level!!
See my leg????? Still heavy rain de....

OK, then hor we park our car in PPSG place which is a bit higher than outside our house, then we just walk back, then we saw snake... then scare.. then i 'terjatuh' into longkang which is just approach my knee onli, then i str8 ambil my phone!!!


my PHONE terjatuh into the water!!!!!!

cause me cant use phone for 1 day!!!!

so sad... now ok d... hehe