Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Already being USMkk for a month++ already, still very uncomfortable with it, the hostel, the people here.. still very very haiz~ dono why last time i said i wanna go out from sitiawan, wanna fly away from sitiawan.. Feel some source of regret now, cause din appreciate the time at secondary school..
Now already entering MUSCULOSKELETAL for the 2nd week, i feel very very stress with it. Dono wat muscle connect to wat muscle, then this neve that vessel.. walao!!! very very burden lo!!! Really a lot of things to study, for me already hate biology subject, now!!! All link to BIOLOGY, human anatomy!! NO MATH, NO ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!!! hahaha!!!! dono how to survive this few months!!! hope can pass la~ really really do..
Wanna share something about my pass few weeks life in USM. actually last week i joined the Christian fellowship camp at TOK BALI at Kelantan beach, it is really beautiful than in LUMUT, teluk batik. Although the chalet like malay house so sux, the programme there is quiet okay for me.. the most memorable things that in tat camp is: i sleep at 2:30 but wake up at 5:00am just wanna watch the sunrise... and then hor!!! The sun rise is at almost 7 o clock!! wait there so silly.. wahaha!!! then the next day's talk is very very sleepy.. haha!!!! okla.. just want to share till here.. next time only post some photo in the blog...