Monday, December 31, 2007


Such a long time I didn’t post my blog already, today is the last day of 2007, now I can share what have I done throughout this year. Actually I didn’t really figure out what I have done, because there is a lot of things. Before that I want to share some Christmas event that I gone through.

I was selected to be the head of decoration of the Christmas night in my campus. I actually like it very much because I like this kind of thing, I like art. But it near exam time, I need to balance myself in academic n this kind of things. That time I so stress. I cry for it 1 times, where I saw all my friends doing group discussion while I am doing the deco, and somebody scolded me for some reason. Then, I cry. That time really really my ‘DOWN’ time for me.. after that I just hand it to God lo.

But after exam, the day I got my result is the rehearcle time. I got C in my 2nd selanjar. I dono wat’s really my feeling. I feel very happy that I didn’t failed and I feel sad because I get C( I cant go to my church camp). I very confuse of my feeling. That time I so sad because I cant go church camp, then I scold God: okay, now u dowan me go church camp, after Christmas night, I will not join the CF already. This is what I told God. Then at rehearcle time when the sketch was held, I was one of the choir member, then I sing sing sing, then suddenly, I saw liszen coming in (act as JESUS) with the cross, his shout because of pain, then I suddenly OVEREXPRESS. I cry hardly. I feel very very sorry to GOD, because Jesus that time suffer also have no blame God but I did blame God for small(x10000000) thing… really so regret. Haha!!! Then everything run smoothly.. having a wonderful USM Christmas night. And thank God that I bring some friend to know more about Christ, I really appreciate their sacrifices. Thanks to CK, TK, WV, JH them for coming to practise choir although they have been very busy for CNY things.. so touch!! And hope the gospel have spread to them. Hope maybe someday they will know God more..

Then I went back for my church Christmas night. Also a great night!!!Next time only share photo...

After matriks life, I have been free for almost 3 month. At that time, I go to Singapore. I have promise myself that I want to improve my English by joining some course, but I didn’t do it. I also promise myself that I wanted to keep fit, hehe… also not work. But at least I try before lo. Hehe.. really feel regret why that time I didn’t work it out.

Really miss my matriks friend. Their smile, make me so impress.. really hope that time will not pass so fast.. already end of the year, seems like we all apart for several years. Hope you all are doing very well!!!

Then I get my result, got 4 flat.. so surprise cause I done many many mistake in some paper but I still can get that result. Really want to thank God that he make this way for me. I promise U God, if I successfully finish my studies, I wanted to help God to spread your gospel, missionary.. I hope I could do that for U.. thanks!!!

After enter Uni, I face lot of problem, friendship, roommate, studies, time-management etc. really feel wanna end this thing up. But God has sent someone to comfort me, to guide me to the right tract. Feel very touch that He did this for me..

Now at here, I got a lot of friends, senior also very friend with me. Joining the CF big family was not wrong!!! Feel that I have learn many things from them. I saw some of the sister really HOLY enuf.. they study bible everyday.. wow!!! I wanted to learn from them!!! Hope I also can do that for the sake of me. Hehe!!

So now onwards I wanna appreciate everything in my hand now. Such as friends, studies, family etc etc. Can’t really mention all the things..