Saturday, October 22, 2011

Forgive And Forget

I remembered i had post a similar topic before,
and i wish to post again,
because i have not given a chance to talk to.

I know she was your friend.
I know she is still in your heart and mind.
And I know that you had been sacrifice for her all these while.

You told me before, you let it go,
ever since you wrote a letter to her with no reply,
you smile and try to talk to her with no response,
and yet, you still take it seriously.

You have warned me to use "Bitch" this word,
and yet, you used this word to describe her,
is like a mother asked the son not to smoke and the mother keep smoking in front of the son.

I still don't understand, one month ago, you said you had let it go,
and now, seems like you are so care about her,
will do some action to make her know that you are angry
sounds attention seeking. She didn't know. She didn't received the signal.
So, what's next??

Posted on my facebook a status:
"When a deep injury is done us, we never recover until we forgive" 
Didn't know whether my message reach you or not

If you keep on angry, keep on count the bad things, keep on blaming,
what will u get? Do you earn satisfaction?
I just know, the scar will not undergone healing process,
in fact, it will turned out to be necrotic.

What point you stay in the past when people already step into the future?
The best "revenge" is not about that blaming, cursing, ignoring, angry and etc,
is about live your life better than her.

Choose to forgive, let it go, slowly it will be deleted and you will forget.
Doesn't that sounds great compare to your condition now?

Last but not least, do not forget about the bible teaching, you remember there are many verse talk about forgiveness. Do not forget that hate is one part of the sinful action. Is hard though, but we need to follow, aren't we?